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Launching Coach Poppy in New York

The Coach Poppy project was a Social Media art project I powered by blogs and tweets. The concept was "draw with a tweet" and it all worked with a unique hashtag identifying a registered URL (eg., a general hashtag for the entire project (#CoachPoppy) and secret “active” words (eg. yellow, blue). Social media projects like this are about creating conversation around interesting topics, and this project uses hashtags in tweets to make the pattern grow more poppies on each blog and reveal daily prizes. The more people tweeted, retweeted, and bloged about Coach the more the pattern grew and the bigger the chance for the daily prize to end up on the most active blog with the embedded pattern. The pattern knew which website to grow on by using both hashtags (eg. #hello and #CoachPoppy) in a single tweet, and all participating sites were grouped in the Poppy trail.

After the project was complete, 100 early invitations to influential bloggers linked 781 sites in the Poppy trail which generated 47,000 tweets and 20,000,000 earned impressions in 30 days. This resulted in the project beating Burberry's, Gucci's and Yves Saint Laurent's and was named #1 Social Media Campaign of 2010 by L2 in their annual Digital IQ report.