Specialist Digital Design studio for Fashion, Art & Commerce, and Luxury brands.

Full Circle Models SS16-17

Services: Website design, Print design, Design management.

We were once again commissioned by our friends at Full Circle models to execute a complete redesign of our work we did for the agency back in 2012. This excited us tremendously. 
For Spring/Summer 16-17, we transitioned the entire website UI from landscape orientation and horizontal scrolling to vertical orientation and chose an off-white background for the entire experience. We stripped away all section titles and allowed rollOvers to do the work on the landing page and model thumbnails. This gave the website a very minimal feel and quick navigation. The wide FC typeface allowed us to keep the top navigation fixed without losing any screen real estate on scroll. We created a more conversational tone for the navigation system, replacing traditional statements like "back to top" with "take me to the top" and sections like "polaroids" with "show me your polaroids". 


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