Multi-disciplinary design studio.

JeffreyGroup Public Relations

website design

Disciplines: Branding, Digital Design (UX/UI), Wireframing, Project Management.
In collaboration with Conway+Partners New York
Year: 2011

JeffreyGroup is Latin America’s largest independent Public Relations agency with over $100 million in annual revenue. They have created award-winning campaigns and manage the public relations for Fortune 500 companies. We were tasked with implementing the first rebrand in JeffreyGroup's 20 year history, working alongside Conway+Partners New York.

The brief for the website redesign was to create a digital business card: a professional & very visual brand environment showcasing the agency’s reputable client roster, include case studies describing their impressive solutions to global projects, succinctly communicate the main services the agency offers, and create an agency blog to organically promote their strategic thinking. JeffreyGroup operates in 7 different cities and services very different clients who intern need to communicate to very different audiences. The challenge was creating a flexible, custom Content Management System that enables the 7 different offices to remotely manage the web content on the back-end, while communicating the different sections of the website to JeffreyGroup's geographically dissected online audience correctly.

The website makes use of a box system with 2 column (2:1 width ratio), 3 column and 5 column versions. The landing page's dynamic box system uses the slightly altered 2 and 3 column grid in combination. The main carousel cycles through recently completed projects. The content and language changes based on the viewer's location. The 2 column grid is implemented for visual sections like "Success Stories", the 3 column grid is used for standard information pages like "About Us, "What We Do" and "Contact Us", the 5 column grid for grouped visual content as in "Our Clients"." The three-box footer is a recurring visual element on all pages and uses varying ticker timing to cycle through the content from the blog, roll through the agency’s client list and cycle through recent agency news.