Multi-disciplinary design studio.

Scheckter's RAW

Disciplines: Branding, Logotype, Print Design, Packaging, Signage, Design Management. 

Scheckter's RAW is a gourmet health food restaurant in Cape Town created by Toby Scheckter, founder of Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink.
The restaurant wasn't even built when we jumped on board for this exciting project. Toby had a clear vision of the type of place he wanted to create, and we had a clear vision of how to translate that visually. With the logo we combined the 3 pillars of the brand: boldness (a new wave of restaurants serving raw food), love (love of ones health and healthy living), heritage (Scheckter was already an established name in the organic food space). The word "RAW" we made bold, black and recognizable. The font used for "Scheckter's" resembles a handwritten signature and the heart we used as an icon to connect the 2 elements and depict the love aspect. 

Scheckters Raw Menu