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Re-branding Supernova Creative Management

Rebranding creative artist management agency Supernova to *SNCM.


Supernova is a Cape Town-based creative artist management agency representing photographers, stylists and hair & makeup artists. The purpose of the rebrand after being open only 18 months was to change the long-winded Supernova Creative Management name to the abbreviated SNCM and create a clean, professional brand look able to confidently represent the agency locally and internationally. I selected a thick, modern typeface and replaced the purple star previously used (a supernova is a large, bright star) with an asterisk (representing a supernova) that can be typed on any keyboard. The asterisk was further used in the brand typography system to denote categories.

The www.sncm.co.za landing page gets right to the point by immediately announcing every artist the agency represents. An image which best represents each artist is displayed on name rollOver. A gradient box sits behind the 3 columns framing the image space. Both the artist image and the gradient are dynamic elements and can be changed using the back-end CMS at any time.

The website is comprised of 2 main sections (artists and categories) and utilizes a central dropdown menu to navigate through these sections. Artist portfolios and category names are displayed on the left and content on the right. I used a 3 column grid which automatically expands to 4 columns on browser sizes over 1024px in width and contracts to 1 column on mobile. Artists and categories have the ability to contain albums which group specific shoots together and use the same grid system display. The viewer also has the option to view albums and/or entire artist portfolios in a single image display view.