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ICE Models SS13-15

Print Design, Web Design

Services: Brand Identity design, Website design, Print design, Video production, Social Media management, Design management.

ICE models is the largest and longest standing model agency in South Africa, with 3 regional offices (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban) and 3 divisions in Cape Town (Mainboard, Genetics, Kids).

The brief to us was to update the outdated brand visuals with a cleaner, more modern look, redesign the website, print and video marketing material, and manage all Social Media platforms. We gently updated the iconic ICE logo and changed the brand visuals from an outdated dark gray to a crisp, clean white brand look. The longitudinal ICE typeface synonymous with the agency for nearly 2 decades was left untouched. The blue dot (which represents an ice cube) was completely flattened, made bigger and moved closer to the "E". The Genetics and Kids divisions were differentiated by color while Durban and Johannesburg adopted region descriptors.

The website was the most important recipient of the new white look. We designed the landing page to immediately navigate the viewer firstly by region, then by division. The Cape Town landing page pulls directly from a dedicated tumblr blog and instagram to create a dynamic landing page showcasing all recent activity. Drop-downs make it easy for the viewer to switch between divisions and regions. Individual model pages give the viewer the option to view the portfolio in a traditional "model book" style or in a vertical continuous scroll.